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Anyone can learn the app within 5 minutes of signing up. It's so simple that three things make up most of what you’re doing.

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When people makes changes, you see the books and pages highlighted. Just click them to get completely up to date with your team.

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Some knowledge is private and needs to stay that way. Make any book private then check off those who should have access.

KnowledgeBook puts everything you need to know in one place


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Your knowledge is grouped into Books.


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In the future, we plan on charging for upgraded services,
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What People Are Saying About KnowledgeBook

"Being reliable and accountable is paramount in our line of work. KnowledgeBook has been able to assist us in noting down every task: small, medium, or big. We really get to keep everything well organized and know who handled what, at what time, and how it was handled. It did not take our team very long to adapt to the system. Thanks to KnowledgeBook we are more organized than ever. It's a product I do not want to live without."

Aaron Chen, President, Aisa Real Estate Services

Aisa Real Estate Services

"I wear many hats for different clients and run various projects that always require ongoing documentation for processes. KnowledgeBook has become my digital manual in the making that allows me to keep organized and be able to prepare and share what I do."

Cindy Tran, Co-founder, Sip&Shop Inc.

Sip & Shop Inc.