Why It's Great For Teams

Collect Your Notes In One Place

KnowledgeBook makes it easy to capture and organize all of your team’s notes and ideas. Compose your own content, copy and paste images, links, and videos direct from the Web. All of your valuable information is now at your fingertips at all times.

Alerts Keep Your Team Focused

KnowledgeBook’s visual alerting system lets your team know when shared notes have been edited, updated or commented on. No more searching through email or a maze of documents to see what’s new or updated.

Be More Productive

Reduce email by storing information in KnowledgeBook and sharing it with your team. Reduce document clutter by creating notes and avoid the inconvenience of finding, saving, and sending files. Your team will be faster, more productive, and happier.

Get Started In Minutes

Made simple so that your team can start working smarter immediately.
The last thing you need is to spend hours learning a new tool.

How It Helps Teams

Keeps Your Team Organized

Our drag and drop tool makes it easy to keep notes organized and retrievable. Move, rename, or delete notes with just one click. You can even create folders and subfolders to keep notes organized.

Escape Document Hell

Don’t get buried in documents and revisions. It’s a time killer and frustrating. KnowledgeBook frees you by eliminating the hassle of Word and Google Docs and storing content in one simple app.

Centralize Knowledge

Competitor news, customer feedback, and other insights are often scattered across the group. KnowledgeBook consolidates information in one central place, making it easy to alert your team for review and receive comments.

When People Leave,
Their Knowledge Stays

KnowledgeBook ensures that knowledge and ideas are permanently secure, not spread out over email accounts, documents, and the group’s computers. When somebody leaves, all of their contributions remain accessible to the rest of the team and new members.

Get New Team Members
Up To Speed Fast

Ever struggle with getting a new team member up to speed? You now have the perfect place to start that contains everything your team knows.

Helps Teams
Work Smarter, Faster
And More Efficiently

You Need This If...

  • Important team knowledge is buried in various emails and documents.
  • You tried Google docs to store team knowledge and it’s not working. It’s a word processor and not a knowledge sharing app.
  • You have some kind of notes software like EverNote but it has no group features or those features have been tacked on. You need an app that is made for groups.
  • You want to make your team smarter and more productive.